November 15, 2009


I got nuthin' new to say. Same Old Stuff.
  • Tomorrow I'm reteaching how to do an annotated bibliography. I've struggled with getting my students to cite sources before. Last year we started doing the annotated bit in the spring, and when I suggested to the team that we try really hard to get the students to write bibliographies--and annotate them, they thought it was a good idea. Why annotate? To hold students accountable for the sources they use. We were using EBSCO, and most sources give the correct citation to use, but my students didn't bother with the annotated part on their practice assignment. We need to go back and connect the dots. They have a bibliography due for their science projects this week.
  • I'm struggling with my master's program, but unlike my struggles this summer, this time I am just so tapped out. Seriously just too much on my plate. The class I am currently taking is about how children learn, and it includes stuff about how the brain learns, which is a pretty new terrain since I received my undergrad degree. I find this stuff über interessant, but I am also too numb to care.
  • I start to get homesick this time of year, which is kind of crazy considering how long ago I moved from my hometown. On Friday morning, I felt compelled to talk to my parents, and it needled me so much that I thought maybe there was something wrong, so I called during my prep. Everyone was fine, and I talked to my dad for 15 minutes, which for him, is a reeaaalllly long time to talk on the phone. It was so nice! He's not a phone talker, but when he is a great storyteller when we're porch sittin'. This time of year, there's no porch-sittin' when we visit, but there's still lots of jawin'. On Saturday, I talked to my brother, and I told him I was getting homesick, and he said, "I don't know why! It's cold here! I'm trying to think of ways to get out of here!" I think that colder weather makes me nostalgic for home. Listen to me, I might start getting all Garrison Keillor-ish if I don't stop now. Warning to my family: I might be calling more in the next few months!
  • Above's Sunday night, and I've got the Sunday Blues. I get them most Sundays, and only Desperate Housewives makes me forget for a little while that I have to work on Monday. I'm am living for those two Sundays in December when I won't have to have the blues. I'm a living for those 16 days when I can just relax by the fireplace and read until my heart's content. Isn't that what I'm always living for? Yes, it is.

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