November 10, 2009

A Day Late and a Post Short

I'm behind a day on my posts. When did that happen? I'm lost and confused...but I think I started a post and didn't post it.

Being a day behind is kind of the story of my life these days.

These days would be at least the last year. Before I started working full time at night school and whittling away at my grad program, I was never more than a couple of hours behind in life. Maybe a half of a day max if it were yearbook deadline season the same week I had a drama performance or some similar insanity.

I'm so behind in life right now that I can't even add up how behind I am in all aspects. I have it sectioned of:

3 days behind on managing the finances
7 days behind on unpacking
2 days behind on my weekly assignment
1 day behind on grading the annotated bibliographies I collected
3 days behind on planning the next unit we're doing in class
3 days behind on getting my quarter 2 gradebook updated at night school
14 days behind on yearbook
--maybe the same on newspaper

Get the drift?
I'm so far in over my head, there's no way I could catch up!

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