November 28, 2009

Hair-on-the-Brain Reflections

Last night I was unpacking and shelving our books, which is pretty well the last of what's in boxes, but I kept getting distracted with photo albums and scrap books.

I first took a walk down memory lane with my graduation scrapbook. Boy did I have big hair and how the heck did I ever think I was fat? I wish I had the massive hair and supposed fatness I had 20 years ago. I was much thinner then, but all that tall, curly, teased hair, probably made me look smaller, too.

I also found the staff picture from my first year of teaching. Boy, was my hair blond, and I wore a lot of eye make-up! (Okay, I still wear a lot of eye make-up...) I asked my sweetie, "Should I go blonder?" I was blonder when I met him. His stock answer, "Whatever you want, hun!"

Perhaps I should go light auburn like that picture from my sophomore year in college. And it wasn't just the red, it was the cut that was flattering, too. I went to some random beautician in the Tri-Cities area of Washington, and she pulled off "The Rachel". Yes, I actually remember that short period of time when I had cute hair, stylish hair.

The majority of my photos show variations of a bob, with a million different hair colors. Except purple. I am waiting until I am an old lady for that.

What a sad statement that is about me when I look back on photos and think about my hair.

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