November 4, 2009

Women Like It Simple, Too!

The first night we stayed in our new house, it was rather hectic gathering things together to be able to get cleaned up and make up a bed so we could sleep. We had just run out of shampoo, which is not normally a big deal since I started couponing and stockpiling because I usually have 3-4 extra on hand. Unfortunately, they were in a box somewhere. Ugh. It would have been the perfect night to use some of those little shampoos that I bring home from hotels, but I had gathered up all of those and taken them to school for a service/donation project we'll be doing soon. Thank goodness my son had some shampoo in his shower--some manly-smelling stuff, but shampoo nonetheless.

Oh, but this was not just any shampoo that I took from his bathroom. No, it was body wash that could be used for "body, hair, and shave." I remember buying it for him (must have been a great deal because Nivea is very expensive!) thinking that shampoo and body wash all in one is perfect for the boy who is a soap and water repelling dirt magnet.

While I was showing, I wondered why do men get the cool stuff like this? I would love a 3-in-1 product for my shower, too! Just because I'm prissy doesn't mean I wouldn't like to stream-line my shower. Sure, I can get shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in all the same scent--like from Bath and Body Works--but I want ONE BOTTLE. ONE PRODUCT.

Nivea's product (and I think Axe and Gillette also have similar products) serves body, hair, and shave needs. I tried it in the shower, and it worked pretty well for all things on my body. It's not just a guy thing! It worked on a girl! I felt a little dirty doing using it because it was obviously not meant for a girl to use. (I did smell a little manly, but my husband often smells girly, because of the body wash I buy for us to use, so whatever!)

I already use conditioner, shampoo, or body wash for shaving gel in a pinch, so it's not a stretch to get at least a 2-in-1 product. I'd really like a good facial scrub or cream that's streamlined with another product. I need moisturizing conditioner and facial scrub, so why not combine those two things? See? This wouldn't take a marketing genius!

And you know, if you really want to do it up right, get the toothpaste in there, too. I had an OCD boyfriend years ago who brushed in the shower, and it made a lot of sense. While you're cleaning yourself anyway...saves splatter on the mirror and dropplings in the sink that need to be cleaned...

So, girls, what do you think? Could we use some all-in-one products, too? Preferrably, just ONE for all?

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