November 1, 2009

I'm Such a Follower! Doin' NaBloPoMo!


I'm sitting on the bed using the vanity lights in the bathroom, trying to catch up on what's going on in the world, as I've just spent the last three days completely out of touch with the world as we were moving, moving, moving stuff from the old house to the new one.

(Okay, I'll admit, I was acting like a Facebook addict, checking status updates during rides between houses and to the hardware store. It was really because moving sucks and I wanted to see that other people were having fun. It was Halloween weekend. EVERYONE had fun.)

Anyway, catching up on life by the glare of the bathroom and laptop lights, hubby snoring beside me... I should be reading some educational psychology text for my new class that started on Thursday, for which I really have no time for this week, yet an assignment will still be due Wednesday night.

It's Sunday! Of course, I have to stop by Melissa B.'s for her Silly Sunday Sweepstakes, but instead I stumble across her announcement that she is doing NaBloPoMo! I wanna do it, too! I did it back in 2007, and found it to be a fun challenge. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe only half.

So, I'm taking the plunge! I know it might be a little ridiculous considering my insane schedule. Moving. Grad school. Work, work, work. Half-assed motherhood. But my poor blog is dying, and I'm grumpy because I have no fun anymore. I have nothing to lose. Not even my dignity. Especially not that. I have plenty to talk about--that's for sure. You know--insanity, moving, grad school, work, motherhood. Duh! On top of that I can add everything I've been wondering about lately. There are a lot of things!

Like what?

Well, I DO need something to write about. Stayed tuned. Posts will be short, but they will be here!

Oh yeah...back to reading for school now. Bleah.

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