July 11, 2010

Road Trip!

What a great idea for me to get back into blogging this month. It's not like I'm going to be on vacation or anything. Computer gets a vacation at home, and blogging from my Blackberry bites. I'm doing the best I can here!

Mom and I are off to see Grandma, who is 800 miles from where Mom lives. She's about 950 miles from me, but I'm taking the long way, adding 500 miles, to go get Mom so we can take this road trip together. Road Trip!

People have been asking, "So, is your grandma okay?" Well, kind of. She's not in the best of health, and last year she appeared to be at death's door a few times, but she's a tough cookie. She's doing fine. But still...it's important to go visit.

My dad is not keen on taking the long trip to visit my grandma anymore. I can't blame him, and I've always said I'd go with drive Mom to see her if she would go during the summer when I'm off. I think my dad is pretty serious about not taking the trip because when I mentioned it to Mom a few weeks ago, she said, "Okay. When can you go?"

We've done taken a road trip or two before, but it's been quite a few years. In fact, I think the last time we went, I had a super-fun Mustang to cruise in, but that was before kids. Now, I have my sweetie's new Toyota (Wahoo! And, yes, we'll be eating and drinking.), but we can still put our shades on, sip our iced coffees, and look super cool as we wind our way up the Salmon River in rural Idaho.

Excuse me, I had to recover from my self-induced LMAO moment.

Seriously, though. It's going to be a blast hanging out with my mom. We'll take our time. Stop when we see something interesting, and just enjoy ourselves without the guys. Plus, when one approaches a trip with that ROAD TRIP! attitude, it just opens up the potential for fantastic things to happen.

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NYC Educator said...

Love your attitude, and having stayed home all week, I'm very jealous.