July 22, 2010


This morning I spotted something under the kitchen table that looked a little odd, and when I leaned in to look a little closer I realized it was a SCORPION!


I called to inform my sweetie that he needed the exterminators to make a house call because I'd found a dead scorpion under the kitchen table.

While I was on vacation he said he talked to the neighbor, and the neighbor had recently found a scorpion, but that's the neighbor. His house is twelve feet away. (Ah, life in suburbia hell!) We have an exterminator and a security system. I'm suppose to be safe against what is out there.

I went out to the garage to get a broom to sweep it up, so then I could bag it up, but then it started scurrying around the kitchen floor. Toward me? Away from me? I DON'T KNOW! I JUST KNOW that IT WAS VERY MUCH ALIVE!


Thank goodness I didn't try to just pick up its dead body with a paper towel like I do with other undesirable creatures.

I beat it with a broom and call my sweetie back to tell him that the scorpion under the table-- where his children had eaten their Cheerios just a few hours before--had actually been alive.


Attention all scorpions in the area: I have no problem with you. You seem like very nice little creatures, well, except for the venom stuff, but you are NOT invited to visit my house. I have this tiny little space to live. You have the vast desert. Bug off!

Disclaimer: I am not always the weak wife who calls her husband over bugs and such. I deal with a lot of things around here, like other dead bugs and spiders; loose, bleeding baby teeth; clogged toilets; and the things that perished horribly in the refrigerator. He can take on this new heebie jeebie business with the scorpions.


Your bro said...

You have done the first step which is tell the creatures where they can be. Years ago, I learned that spiders are very smart creatures. Once they were told to stay off the ceiling they would. However, sometimes they would have friends come to visit who would be on the ceiling and they were reprimanded and sent outside without a warning. (we often welcome the spiders to live outside.) From what I know of scorpions, they like to hide. Until the exterminator gets there, I would look before stepping or sitting. That should encourage your OCD, huh? :-D

HappyChyck said...

Oh, yeah. And all I keep thinking about is how our carpet disguises them very well.

I was thinking...I'm only wearing sandals these days, but Chris should check his shoes each morning.

I also have these other bugs that kind of look like earwigs. The exterminator said that it was a little damper, so it didn't surprise him. I started doubting his credibility. It's been 91 days since we had rain, and I think we're at about 15% humidity on a good day.

It's good to hear that its only your spiders' friends who are disrespectful. I'm not sure if scorpions are social. I hope not.