July 3, 2010

No Food and Drinks!

My sweetie traded in his car for a brand-spankin' new one a few months ago. And then he proclaimed that there would be no eating or drinking in the car. That rule is meant for the kids, of course, unless he ever stops wearing his shoes in the house, and then I might consider following his rule. Just kidding. I know the rule is for the kids.

Just look in the back seat of my car to see how this is an excellent rule. I am very careful about what the kids can eat (nothing sticky, messy, or staining) and drink (clear liquids), but it is still gross. I guess it's not sticky, but the stains on the seat, especially where the youngest one sits, make me wonder, "What has been going on back there?"

Our first big road trip in the car is coming, and I'm wondering how it will go. Hours and hours driving across the desert. Just looking at the desert makes me thirsty. And the kids, well, with a few granola bars and fruit roll-ups, they can last a lot longer without a regular meal, which is a good thing since rest stops and towns are few and far between where we're going.

We'll see how long this no food and drinks rule lasts. My sweetie is no pushover, and in fact, he's a tough dad, so he won't have much sympathy for kids saying, "I'm huuuuunngrrrrrryyyyy! I'm thiiiiiiiirrrssssssttttttttyyyy!" Over and over. This a bottle of water and a baggie of healthy treats, I've rarely heard this chorus, but that might all change.

We're going to have to stop more often, or I'll will have to murder some children. And maybe a husband. This new rule is going to change the way we travel. But at least I won't be embarrassed by my dirty car.


As much as I freak out about the kids and the messes they leave behind, read about the time I made a big sticky mess in the car. It still gives me nightmares.

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Maestro said...

Yeah... spouses who "make the rules" can be trying.  In our family, Mrs. Maestro make sthe rules, simply because she's the one who complains when she doesn't get her way.  At the same time, she hates the stigma of being the "wife/mom who wears the pants". I can't wait until Maestro Jr. starts talking, and gives his input as well...