July 10, 2010

Another Year and a Car Show

Today's a special occasion! Okay, actual it's two special occasions because for one thing, it's my birthday, but it's not a monumental year or anything. Actually, turning 39 might be considered big one because later in life, this can be the age I'll lie and say that I am. Maybe this is a year where I should be taking notes about what was like for future reference.

I'll try not to reflect on just how old I'm getting because I'm going to an event where everything is older than I am. I hope, anyway. The fun event for the day is a car show where I'll be hanging out with my Dad and his car, Elda Mae. She's a cool little ride, and my Dad is sure proud of her. I told the story a few years ago when he just finished restoring her. It's a nice story about a man and a car.

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