November 30, 2007

Crossing the Finish Line

NaBloPoMo wasn't as bad as I thought would be, but I am glad it's over. Some nights I could not think of anything to say as my drowsy head bobbed over the keyboard. I think I have fewer readers than I did when I started at the beginning of the month, and I've thought about giving up this blog several times over the last month. Oh! And the whole issue about finding errors after I've posted just about every day nearly drove me nutty.

As a writing teacher, I am proud of myself for taking the time to write every single day. The more I push myself to come up with something to write, the more I can relate to my students as writers. I started this blog in 2005 as a personal project for the Southern Nevada Writing Project Summer Institute, and before that summer, I hadn't written anything on a consistent basis in more than 5 years. I might have produced a piece of original writing about twice a year. (Uhm, can I count the Northwest Accreditation document?) It was so painful for me to produce writing to share on a daily basis that summer. However, just like I tell my students, writing takes time and practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. As long as I keep writing everyday or even a few times a week, I feel more honest in how and what I teach my students about writing.

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