November 18, 2007

Sunday Randomness

Bleah...NaBloPoMo...Just write something so I can go to bed....

**I'm glad NASCAR is over for the season, although the sound of racing cars lulls me to sleep now. (I used to think that my sweetie didn't watch sports on the weekend. Ha! The honeymoon is over. Five years later...)

**We were almost side-swipped today by someone who was text messaging and driving. Idiot. Makes me want to murder.

**We made a Sunday trip to Frys. It was much more pleasant than it normally is, and the place was oddly quiet. A new mall has just opened next door to Frys, so I plan on going separate ways on future trips. Sweetie, you spend all the time in the world looking at random bits of computer parts; I'll be shopping for shoes.

**The boy child is getting sick. Is he going to ruin my Thanksgiving plans this year, too? My plans this year include 3 days of kid-free peace. I have him pretty herbed, drugged, and Vicks-rubbed up to scare away whatever is trying to take hold of him. He has merely one day to ward it off. If he's too sick to go visit his beloved grandmother, my life will be miserable on more than one level.

**My grade book is caught up except for about an hour's worth of writer's notebook checking in the morning. Sigh of relief.

**Passing out progress reports tomorrow. Bracing for attitudes. There are serious consequences for blowing off homework for a few weeks--duh!

**Crossing my fingers that this SCHOOL week FLIES by! Vacation should go at a snail's pace, though.

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