December 1, 2007

Blank Canvas

Mom and Dad e-mailed me this picture of their backyard after the first big snow storm of the year. (Reportedly 10-12 inches of heavy, wet snow.) My sweetie and I looked at each other and said, "Are you sure we want to go there for Christmas?"

They actually sent the picture for my stepson. Imagine being a snow-deprived little boy with that much fresh snow! I am sure it will still be there in a few weeks, and probably double or triple that amount--and it will probably still be as untouched as it is in the picture. You know he'll be trying on his snow boots every chance he gets and dreaming of snowmen, snowballs, and forts!

That is a pretty picture indeed, but looking at it makes my toes cold. And my poor parents! Shoveling the driveway and walks... Oh yeah, that's why snow isn't as exciting when you're an adult!

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