November 4, 2007

Pep Talk

Rarely a Sunday goes by without me having to do some work for the upcoming week. Sometimes it is a full day's work, while other times a few hour's worth that I ended up dragging into a whole day thing because I am the Queen of Procrastination!

Today should be pretty light as I need to write and submit my lesson plans and finish creating a few handouts. It will take a few hours tops. Realistically...

And then I can read a book or take a nap, right?

Oh no! I have this other thing I've been procrastinating on all week. Well, not exactly procrastinating...I thought I'd have time to do it in my classroom while my students were testing this week, but somehow other things demanded my attention. I think More Important Things is an evil step cousin to Procrastination.

Anyway, I have to pretend I know something about the program in which I teach and write up some things for some magnet award application. You and I are both wondering how I was duped into this...

It's because I'm so nice. So competent. I play well with others. Or something...something, indeed!

Bite the bullet, HappyChyck.

Pour another cup of coffee.

Get it done so you can read or nap today.

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