November 29, 2007

Crabbyturkey Snippypants

The title? That's my Grinch name according to a link a friend sent to me. I think it was rather fitting of my mood this morning. And I'm not talking about Grinch and the holiday season. I'm talking about Grinch as a lifestyle.

Yesterday I sent notices home to parents that their students were either failing or on the verge of failing. E-mail in my box, a parent visit this morning, and a note from a parent all before the first class started. It was the note that set me off. It was quite cordial but if you read between the lines it went something like this:

My perfect child cannot possibly be getting a D in your class. She does not understand how to use programs on the computer, nor does she know how to turn in assignments. You have neglected her and now she is failing. Please teach her how to use the computer and the programs.

I'm completely broken-hearted that I've done such a terrible job. For two months that poor child has been lost! It seems to be a selective lost because sometimes she is able to figure out how to use that bewildering piece of technology in front of her as she does have some assignments in.


You know I couldn't let that slide. Teenagers for breakfast anyone?

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