November 17, 2007

It's Getting Harder to Ignore Christmas

Oh how fondly I remember those days when I gathered little gifts for family and friends throughout the year so when the Christmas shopping season came (after Thanksgiving), I wouldn't be stressed out trying to find thoughtful gifts in a sea of a bunch of crap that we buy people that they don't really want. I've totally blown it this year...

I've spent a few hours tonight searching on-line for cool gifts that are also inexpensive. Overstock. com has not been my friend tonight. Not that I'm totally cheap, but there's something in my brain that doesn't like to buy something unless it's on sale, and even at that, it has to be a total bargain. Hey, it's not a harmful obsession! And I know shopping on-line is not always a deal, but I'm also thinking about family members (that would be all of them) who live far away. I hate waiting in line at the post office or wherever, so let's just ship something straight from a source, right?

What's worse than not finding any deals is not finding anything good. I'm pretty much stumped for what to get everyone. Even the kids! Or perhaps, especially the kids! Let's see, the little one can never have too many Legos and the older one likes anything girly. I'll figure it out.

I don't know, at this point, it's looking like everyone is getting baked goodies and gifts I can make out of family photos. (Flickr, here I come!) All the family members say they are celebrating a simple Christmas this year...that's good because I know we are!

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