November 24, 2007

Got USB?

My sweetie took me to Fry's, his favorite place in the world, to buy an inexpensive flash drive to replace the rascal Jack. Unfortunately the 1 GB drive for $7.99 was sold out, but we found another bargain-priced one. Yeah for us!

Before making the final decision, we stopped to ask one of the department consultants (so nicely dressed in his shirt and tie) if the drive was compatible with Macs. The packaging didn't say, but I have a drive by the same manufacturer, so I was confident it would work. My sweetie, who is mystified by Macs and remembers the one time I bought a drive that did not work with my computer, wanted to be 100% sure.

The consultant didn't know, but he did study the information on the container to find the same absence of information we did.

Finally he said, "Does it your Mac have USB?"

Evidently, Macs are mystifying to him, too.

"Yes," I answered.

"Then, it will work," he said.

Keep in mind, I am not the computer nerd here. My sweetie is the nerd. The consultants at Fry's are usually nerdier that he is.

As we were walking away, I said to my sweetie, "Does my computer have USB? Seriously! Don't all computers have USB?"

Of course it might be rather ignorant of me to believe so, but I haven't met a computer that didn't have USB--or rather I've never met one that didn't have a port or two when I needed one. Even my antiquated Micron that sitting in the garage has USB.


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