August 1, 2007

It's August Already!?!?!?!

I cannot believe how fast my summer is going. As always, I thought I would have enough time to have fun and plan for next year. Silly girl.

Earlier this summer I started working on some collaborative space at Wikispaces.

I have a copy of Twelfth Night next to my bed, which I planned on reading and planning an approach to use it with my students first thing in the year because we will be participating in a Shakespeare in schools kind of program in September. (Twelfth Night will be presented, in case you're wondering why that play.)

In June, I attended an afternoon training on innovative ways to use our new Macs in the classroom.

Last week I was in Texas learning more about teaching for an IB Middle Years Programme.

A little bit here and there to keep me connected to teaching, but really I've done little to keep my brain in the game--or to get myself ahead in the beginning when going back to the classrooms hurts so much. I'm not sure when I have to report back (three weeks?), but as soon as I get my house put together, I'll be putting my classroom in order since I left it rather a mess at the end of the year. (It looks fine on the outside, but beware if you open any drawers or cupboards!)

I've got thank Mister Teacher for reminding me that the beginning is near. Da da dum! He's been thinking about all the things he needs to do, too. I don't know... his list sounds pretty easy to me. At least he has a list. I have a sense of impending doom.

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