August 30, 2007

Students With Serious Questions

After going over rules, procedures and other important stuff for nearly two days, I asked my students to write down questions they had. I did allow them to ask questions about me if they didn't have questions about the class. Most wanted to know how much work I planned on giving and if the class is going to be easy. Lots of duplicates of those questions. Most students are just trying to gain their bearings and figure out what to expect in this class and of me as a teacher and person.

I've made the questions and answers into a PowerPoint that I'll just run on a loop at the beginning of class for the next few days. I'd planned on answering questions in the specific class where they were asked, but here I've found myself at the end of the week, and we're pretty busy tomorrow. Well, I could talk at them more, but instead they are going to write some personality poems and tie up loose ends for the week. It's weird going to school for a week and then getting a 3-day weekend.

Here are the questions my students asked:

Are we going to be in these seats all year?
Are there going to be a lot of projects in your class?
How many projects are we going to do?
What kind of projects will we have?
Are we reading together or by ourselves?
Are we going to read a lot of book?
Are we going to have to do a lot of writing?
Will we have a whole lot of essay assignments?
Are we going to be able to come up with our own essay topics sometime this year?
How many essays will we have to do?
Why did we get to do a 350-500 word essay?
Will all essays be 300-500 words?
How much bookwork do we do? (Not counting reading?)
Will there be a lot of homework?
Will we have homework every night?
Is there homework on the weekends?
How are things graded?
When will we begin poetry?
On the supply list, do you want us to give you the bag of pens or do we hold on to the pens?
What is the funniest thing we will do in this class?
Are we going to do fun activities in this class?
Is this class spontaneous?
Will we work in groups?
What would we need our laptops for?
What are we going to learn?
What will we be learning and what will be reviewing from seventh grade?
Is this class going to be hard? Or is it easy?
Is this class easy?
Will this class be VERY challenging?
What is the hardest thing you will teach?
What kind of assignments will we be doing?
What kind of fuzzy Friday?
Are we going to do a Greek Mythology Project?
Are we going to study a whole lot of Shakespeare this year?
What is A of I ?
Will you help me if I need help?
What do you mean that this is reading, too? Will we read in class?
Why are we doing reading stuff here?
Do we have to read boring books this year?
Are we gonna do vocab books? If yes, when are we taking tests?
Who are they? Where are they?
Where is the emergency exit?
Why do you have smile faces on your door?
What else are you obsessed with besides smiley faces and why?
Why do you have all those little words on the board?
How many tests will we have?
When are we going to go on field trips?
Are you a happy person or do you get mad easily?
Will you be a nice teacher? How can you like teaching?
Did you really want to become a teacher when you were younger or did you want to do something else?
Do you have any pets at home?
Where were you born?
Where are you from?
Do you have a dog?
What school did you graduate college?
What is your first name?
What’s your favorite sport and why?
What is your favorite type of ice cream?
What is your favorite color?
How come your windows above the board are covered up?
Have you ever traveled to any other place out of the United States?

I've never done this before, but I think it has been quite valuable. I hope my students will be content and more ready to buckle down when their questions are answered. Frankly, I was SHOCKED that there were so many class/content related questions.

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