August 28, 2007

Teacher Stuff About Me

Kimberly over at Terrible Teacher tagged me for a meme last week. I'm not going to tag anyone, so if you'd like to give this a shot, be my guest!

Is School 2.0 about technology or pedagogy?
I think it's about pedagogy. To me, technology is a tool we use to help students think in different ways. Sure, education is going the way it is because of technology, but what's the theory behind our classroom practices? (I'm not really all that familiar with the term School 2., so I may not know enough to truly answer this question intelligently.)

What were 1-3 things you had to”unlearn” to become an effective teacher?
I learn from my mistakes or misconceptions all the time. I can't really think of any one thing I had to unlearn. I do think I've had to "learn" that there is not one answer or teaching technique that works for every student. Sometimes people try to sell you on one perspective or another that will be the end all to solve all your problems in the classroom. It sounds nice, but it's another theory. Theories are nice, but they aren't golden band aids.

Did you learn these poor practices in your teacher preparation program, or somewhere else? If so, where? Like I've indicated, I don't think I've necessarily learned poor practices. However when it comes to misguided theories that some things will fix everything of reach every student, I've learned those things in college, PD courses from the state, personal reading, and in my own schools.

Describe the philosophy of your teacher preparation program in 25 words or less.
Geez! I don't know. All the old pros have the answers, so let's study them. Is this where I can make my snide remarks about how I always wondered if what I was being taught would work outside of white suburbia? Yes, I used to ask those questions. Did the things I was being taught work? Some of them. Back to that nothing works for everyone. I was underprepared to work with the populations I have worked with for sure.

What age/grade level do you teach? When did you attend school at that level?
I teach grades 8-12. I was born in 1971. I'm an English teacher; you do the math.

When were you in your teacher preparation program?
Since I majored in education (at my school, I'm practically an anomaly among tons of alternatively licensed teachers), I'd say I was in the teacher program from the time I decided to become a teacher. So, that would be 1990--1996. I did my student teaching in the winter of 1996. It seems like so long ago.

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