August 25, 2007

A Peak Inside My Classroom

View from the Door

Some other teachers posted pictures of their classrooms before school started. I enjoyed seeing how others organized their rooms, so I decided to post pictures of my classroom, too. Check out my whole classroom photoset if you'd like. Of course in my talkative manner, I've added comments and notes.

I am fortunate to have such a large room and all that goes with it, as I know many teachers do this job under the poorest of conditions. Heck, there are teachers in my own school who less than favorable conditions. I am truly blessed--even when the A/C isn't working. (Our principal joked earlier this week that we had more technology than air conditioning. It's pretty sad when you think about it.)

This is as good a year as any to take pictures of my classroom because after this year our poor old school is going where old schools go when they die. I'm not sure where that is. Our memories?

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