August 27, 2007

Fleeting Thoughts for the First Day

If someone were to offer me a nice desk job where air conditioning could be consistently promised, I'd quite teaching tomorrow.

I wonder how the new teachers with their 2-inch heel black pumps faired today. One teacher with 2-inch heels told me that she was wearing them for the image. Seriousness. Power. Professional. Her friend had even higher heels on--things I've never seen a teacher wear. Her weekend job could be as a cocktail waitress. Impressive skills. Ah, to be young!

(I remember when I first started teaching how I used to "dress up" like a teacher. My costume included pointed toed flats, floral skirts, and beige blouses.)

Thinking of shoes, I wore a newer pair today, and my feet are killing me. What do I have that will go with my fancy flip flops?

How late can I sleep in tomorrow and still make it in time?

How soon until the weekend?

How am I going to make it through another year?

What am I doing tomorrow, anyway? Good thing it's written down somewhere.

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