August 24, 2007

Ready...Set...NO! Not Yet!

I'm less irritable and less stressed than I was on the first day, although if you ask the dean, he may not agree. Of course he's new, and he did not catch the sarcastic-jaded tone in my voice today when, after our final meeting before opening doors on Monday where we were instructed to go to the library for one last task, I found myself near the end of the line to pick up important documents that had to be handed out to students on Monday and ended up getting NONE of them. All wiped out like crab legs at a $5.99 buffet.

I would have been near the beginning of the line had I not opted to swing by my room to pick up my audio enhancement gear that someone decided needed to be serviced before we could use them. (That means that I will likely lose my voice by the end of the first day, as it is not conditioned, and I will not be spoiled by my mic.) You know...rather than two trips to the library, I was trying to be efficient.

Poor new dean...he thought I was about to lose my cool. What's the fun of sarcasm if you have to explain that it's not really anger? He'll learn. Seriously, if you are expecting things to go the way they are suppose to, DON'T BECOME A TEACHER! Or is that just me that these things happen to? Nah!

So, am I ready? Not as much as I could be. I do not have one piece of paper ready to give students on Monday, but I do have a plan about how they will get their important information, and that will by listening and taking notes. Can you believe how mean I am? No multiple page handout for me to read to them so they can get a little more sleep on their first day back. (Actually, they will get an official everything-you-need-to-know document before we're finished.) No PowerPoint notetaker. No supply list, which they should have already, anyway. No hippy-dippy interest inventory sheet. Haha! Just kidding. I am a dippy hippy, so they'll get that sometime during the week, too. It's not that I'm trying to save trees or anything, but that is a good idea. I just haven't quite gotten things together. So, oh well. The funny thing is that it's not like I have to create the wheel or anything. It's just that I've had so little time.

I had to give up my computer yesterday so I could get a new one that is compatible with the ones my students will have this year, but I was told it could take 48 hours to get a computer back. I was a getting a little afraid that the first day was going to be me and a white board marker. And come to think of it, I probably can't count on the fact that the ones that worked in June still work now. No worries, though. Our computer person is wonderful, and she finished imaging mine just before 4 pm. It's not going to be the year 1954 in my classroom on Monday afterall.

Unfortunately, for the first time since I started at this school, I will be going in tomorrow--on a Saturday--to put the finishing touches on the big back to school event in my classroom. Thank goodness the beginning is near. We're one day closer to the time of year when things are even, organized, and predictable.

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