August 17, 2011

Not Ready Yet

We can pick up our keys and access our classrooms tomorrow. I've already been on campus three times in the last week for meetings and professional development (all paid), but tomorrow is the day I can finally get into my classroom to put my boards up.

I am happy to tell my colleagues who will be waiting in line, "I won't be picking mine up until Monday. I'm taking one last vacation."

Honestly, I'd rather not even work in my classroom (unpaid) until I have to come back, but the work days are so busy, I know if I don't put in a little time, I will regret it.

I haven't always felt the need to not work until my contracted time, but the longer I teach, the more I don't feel like I need to the time for days of classroom arrangement. (It will come together eventually, right?) There's that...and well, since education is so unsupported by the government and "the public" these days, I don't see why I should care about working past my expectations.

Ouch. I feel uncomfortable saying that. Of course, I always work behind my contracted time. Every. Single. Day. Including weekends. There's work to be done that requires more than my contracted hours. What can I do?

Well, I suppose I can take back my time any opportunity I can.

Off my soap box, I'm headin' out of town to see my family. I could really use a break from the reality. You know, the reality that my summer is OVER. That reality check can take a few days off. I can't wait for some visitin' and porch sittin'.

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Dan Edwards said...

LOL. I went in early to start on my classroom (we had to tear everything down in June :-( ). We have five less days this year- two days off the school year and three furlough days.

Have a Great School Year Happy Chyck!