July 9, 2008

Waiting for...Porch Sittin'?

In the last few weeks, I can't even tell you what I've been doing. Maybe I've been waiting for today. Today is the day the ball gets rolling on some summer fun.

Tonight one of my best friends, Miss D, is flying in from her her summer travels in South Carolina. (There's a cute little grandchild out there!) We're going to chill out for a little tomorrow--if it is even possible in the triple digits. Tomorrow's my birthday, too. I keep having to mathematically figure out my age because I just can't believe how old I'm getting. We don't have anything planned, but we can surely work on that. The kids want to stay home and bug us, but they'll be going to the urban budget summer camp Boys and Girls Club as usual.

On Friday we--family and Miss D--are driving to southern Idaho where we'll drop off Miss D at her parent's house for the last bit of her summer vacation. (Ha ha! Sucks to be an administrator!) We'll only spend a day there, but I'm sure there will be plenty of porch sittin' going on. I've visited Miss D's parents in the winter more often than I have in the summer, but the times I have gone in the summer the porch, which is bigger than my living and dining room together, was put to frequent use, with the porch swing being the best seat outside the house to watch the squirrels.

Apparently there's going to be a cook out early Saturday afternoon, so we won't be moving on to my parent's house in northeastern Utah until later that afternoon. I hope it's a quick 5-hour trip home! I can feel it already--I just want to be there already!

We have planned three days with my parents before returning home. Oh it seems so short! What happened to the summers when I spent so much time visiting that I thought my dad might threaten to claim me on his taxes again? I'm sure there will be more porch sittin' in the mornings and evenings. I'll have to remember to take a sweatshirt because it's sometimes too chilly for me--the daily lows are forecast for the 50's, but even the 70's give me a chill since my blood because so thin from living in southern Nevada.

Dad has finally finished restoration on an old car--forgive me Dad, I can't remember if it's a '54 or '55 Ford or Chevy. I just know it's special to you, and it looks goooooood! I do know that every time I've been home in the last few years it hasn't been time to take a ride. It was in the shop...it didn't have seats...it was too cold. I think it's time to go cruisin'! Dad, remember the summer of 2001? All the miles we logged onto my Mustang just driving around in the country? (We also stopped at the coffee shop each night, but I won't even bother asking to bring a drink along!) I don't expect that we should drive your cruisin' car all over the county, but draggin' strip a few times would sure be nice!

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