November 3, 2010


I am often the type of person who happily rides in a rut. Sometimes change is a hassle, and sometimes change is scary, while usually I just think that what is not broken should not be fixed.

For years, I had been using Haloscan for my comments. There was a time that Blogger had a terrible, weak commenting system. I was happy with Haloscan, and I didn't even pay attention when Blogger upgraded their commenting system. Then, and I am not positive of this, they sold out to JS-Kit. I didn't really notice much until Echo took it over.

Dah Dah DUM!

Echo really messed me up because I had reinstall things, which is not a strength for me. The messaging system was suppose to be so much better. Instead, I found that it was a little funky. I think it made it more difficult for people who weren't members to comment. Like my dad. Even worse, on my blog, one had to click on the comment twice to get the box to pop up. To top that, sometimes the comment would post to Blogger's commenting system, and other times it would post to Echo. The two would not meet up, so sometimes there were comments in Blogger that I could see for a split seconds and never again.

After visiting some friends' sites, I saw how the commenting system in Blogger looked, and I decided it would make me happy. So, with a little fear and trepidation, I switched over. It was my understanding that my comments would come with me. Of course, just my luck, they did not. The commenting from the past year or so transferred, but the other four years of interaction with my blogging buddies are GONE, GONE, GONE.

I tried not to let it get to me, but when I look back through my archives, I know there are conversations that are lost, and it makes me sad. It's like my poor blog's soul has some holes in it.


Ms Characterized said...

I'm so sorry! I trust your blogging buddies will still comment, and create new conversations to remember.

I hope that sounded optimistic and cheerful, and not patronizing (as I suspect it might).

The Vegas Art Guy said...

So you lost all my stupid comments? I'd say blogger did you a favor! :p

HappyChyck said...

Thanks for your encouraging is what it is.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

That did happen to me when I switched to Haloscan. I have the new js-kit thing and it seems to work OK so I'm not going to change. I'd rather get ready for next week.

Mrs. T said...

Change is not always good- I no longer have my blogroll and will have to build a new one.
(my life is so hard.)