October 19, 2010

Get Write!

I'm so excited to celebrate the National Day on Writing tomorrow. We have spent so much time working on expository writing, and I know the students miss writing more creatively, so tomorrow I've promised them that they can write whatever they want. My hard-core nerdy writers are so excited--they've been talking about what they might spend their time writing. The rest of the students have been reticent, as any type of writing is the same torture regardless of a special occasion. Oh well, normal stuff there.

We're going old school for prompts tomorrow. I have a bunch of picture prompts, that is, pictures cut out of magazines and mounted to construction paper, from which students can seek inspirations. I also have a bunch of prompts from The Writer's Book of Matches for students to randomly pick. (My creative writing students love the ideas from this book!)

I will be disappointed with anything less than holy inspiration and excitement throughout the day.

Did I mention that I'm going to spend the day writing with students, too?

Sheesh! When does that ever happen? Can't wait!

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

How did it go? Please tell... Inquiring minds want to know.