October 5, 2010

Coincidence Comes Crashing to Weirdness

As a matter of coincidence, two of my high school students ran into each other at a local hospital this weekend.

Do you realize how many hospitals we have and how big they are?

The reason they were both there?

Both of the young men are became proud papas.

No joke.

When I found out, I made them show me pictures of their new babies. I think it's important to be supported of these young parents.

One baby looked cute. One baby looked angry.

Then the boys started talking about the birthing process their baby mamas went through with another, female, student who has given birth.

Sometimes life in my classroom is so weird.


your bro said...

I can't even imagine!! I went through so many emotions when I found out we were having your lovely niece (aka: The Devil.) I was 32---a few years of life behind me at least. If I'd been 15 years younger, NO WAY!

Ms M. said...

It's always shocking to me when my students are found to be procreating. I have more students than I want to admit who have come back to their middle school to show off their new bundle of joy and I try as best as I can to be supportive...but when they are only 14, 15, 16 years old as parents, well....it leaves little for me to be hopeful about...