November 16, 2007

New Explorations

I'm letting go.

No more focusing my frustrations and jealousy on not being to explore web2.0 technologies like many edubloggers are. Dear readers, you've only heard a bit of my irritation.

If I stumble upon a cool tool that can enhance my instruction, I'll use it. I won't get too bummed out that it's apparently too dangerous for my students to be unleashed into the scary online world.

Today, I walked out of my administrator's office with a book on multicultural education. Read between the lines--I didn't walk into that office looking for it. A parting gift, aye?

I started reading Beyond Heroes and Holidays, and I've already learned some interesting ideas. I could use some improvement in multicultural education anyway (you know it's harder for us clueless white people), so this could be my new passion, my new bandwagon.

I don't want to stop learning and growing.

No--there's no danger that I'll run out of things to learn as an educator.

I just need a new hobby.

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