June 25, 2007

This Nesting Stuff Sucks

Apparently it's too early for me to look for a place to live at the beginning of August. Houses want to rent immediately. Apartments aren't sure of their openings until July 1. I don't know why I keep looking. I suppose because in July I'll be going on vacation and then to a conference, so the 8-9 days in July when I'm home seem kind of tight to find a new home.

This morning I gave up my quest to try to find a place that is zoned for a nine-month school. The zoning is so erratic. One year a school is nine-month and the next year it could be twelve-month, so it was time to get over myself because I was seriously limiting my housing choices. I think a third of the elementary schools are twelve-month, but based on my housing search, it seems like it should it was two-thirds. I really don't have a lot against twelve-month--other than the sheer inconvenience for me since I work on a traditional nine-month. Once I resigned myself to the fact that we might have to deal with it, I figured that the kids' Cali family could benefit from a schedule like this. Track break? Go see Grandma.

My brain is fried with trying to figure out other important details. What would be a comfortable commute for me and my sweetie? Before he even told me to do so, I decided to make the convenience of the commute all about me. That freed up my brain power a little. I work in the central part of the city, which would seem like a good thing, but I guess it depends on what side of the "spaghetti bowl" one lives. I also think it's important for me to have a short commute because then I can pick up the kids after school. In the last year I'd say I was able to pick up the kids about 70% of the time. I'm really into trying to cut costs on our budget this summer, so let me tell you, being able to pick them up saves our family about $200 a month. (This money issue is also why I refuse to assign academic or behavioral detention. If I stay after, I'm usually getting paid for it or it's mandatory meeting Monday.)

And speaking of living and having a close commute to the central part of the city...I'm familiar with my ghetto 'hood, but I don't know about the other ones that would be within good traveling distance. (My own 'hood doesn't seem to have much housing available right now.) So, my brain is swirling with trying to figure out if a neighbor is going to be safe enough. One can't just think, "Oh, that street's bad. That neighborhood is bad." I'm finding that so many places in Las Vegas have pockets of new and old, nice and run down, tagged and untagged. You wouldn't believe the change in scenery you might see change in just a few blocks.

In addition to figuring out good neighborhoods, I have to decide what is the best value for my money. Old or new? House or apartment? Freeway underpass?

Ugh. I hope this ends soon.

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