March 28, 2007

Those Encouraging Words on My Chest Pay Off

Recently, I told you about how the teachers at my school tried to boost morale by creating inspirational t-shirts that we wore on the testing days. The picture above is the front of the t-shirt I made. Now if you're one of the students in my class, this is probably not the sort of inspiration you are counting on. However, if you look on the back of this same shirt, you'll find Ms. HappyChyck's brand of humor, and let's face it, that brightens anyone's day!

As it turns out, students all across the campus voted my shirt as one of the best, and now I get a day off while an administrator takes my class for the day. Pretty cool!

I modified another shirt that had something already printed on it. I'm sure you've seen the "hokey pokey" t-shirts. (Are you really all that surprised that I actually own one of these?) I used scrapbooking stickers to draw a red line across "hokey pokey" and wrote the name of our state test above it. It didn't go over as well as the other t-shirt because you have to kind of "get" the t-shirt before it's modification, and even then it's just not, Oh well.

Sorry it took me so long to show you a picture, but since my dear Mac died, it just seems like everything is just not as easy as it used to be. Or I don't get around to doing computer things like uploading the 50 pictures I had on my camera...

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