September 17, 2006

Where Were You?

Since it was my sweetie's graduation, his mother came to visit. When she comes, we have to do all the little tourist things around town. Last summer I had the privilege of seeing the Liberace Museum with her, and this year we visited The Elvis-a-rama Museum.

I was a lot more excited about Elvis than Liberace, but the museum had a lot of weird stuff like receipts of services Elvis had received and things--like clothes--Elvis had given to people, but they had donated back to the museum. (Mostly some crazy looking shirts--none of his rhinestoned outfits.) But keep in mind that this is a privately owned, off-strip museum that I don't even think is in a great neighborhood. And it's called Elvis-a-arama for cryin' out loud! In some ways it was kind of a sad collection of things people kept of a famous person. Just because he was famous...

Apparently it's closing next month, though, so just as well I saw it while I still could. And parts were kind of neat. Oh, and everything in the gift shop was being clearanced, so guess what my family is getting for Christmas?

But the weirdest time-warp thing happened to me...

There was this HUGE, cool mural of all the events the The King's life, and I told my mother-in-law that I had enjoyed that part. She then asked me, "How old were you in 1955?" I guess that was about the time Elvis started his career.

Let's old was I in 1955?

"Well, you told me you remember Elvis when you were in high school, and since I am married to your youngest son who is ten years my senior, how old do you think I was?"

Once, many years ago, one of my "older" friends asked me if I remembered where I was the day JFK was assassinated. I thought that was about the funniest thing since I was still years from being born. It's okay, though, because I guess I kind of have an old soul.

But clear back to 1955? Puleeeeeeeze!

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