September 7, 2006

Stupid People Thursday

6:50 am: I hear a knock at my classroom door. So, I drop what I'm doing to walk across the room, where I find students standing outside.

Though the window I see a student, so I motion and say, "Turn the knob."
Then we have this inane dialogue about her concern that the door was locked, yet she didn't try it. And I complained about having to stop what I was doing to open an unlocked door, whereas the student replied that technically I didn't open the door. Well, of course not. I am a teacher. I just taught her to open the door herself. And these are my advanced kids.

7:00 am--1:15 pm: "Students, there is a place to put your name on the paper: please do so." Then I have to personally remind at least 10 students every class period to write his/her name on the paper.

12:55 pm: Four computer screens suddenly go black. "Miss! The computers died."

Calmly I say, "Well, one of you unplugged something. Check where your feet are."

Blank stares.

"Look. Under. The. Table. To. See. What. You. Unplugged."

3:00 pm Outside the kids' school, a parent pulls up to the curb in his tricked-out truck and waits for his children with his music blasting. Booming. Jarring my intestines. Whatever. The entire back seat of the truck was packed with sub-woofer speakers. The booming from his music could be heard--and felt--on campus, and my guess is probably in the classrooms.

3:08 pm Because people are double parked in the small neighborhood street in front of the school, I am blocked in, trapped in the car for 10 minutes--that's 10 minutes I could have been at my own house enjoying air conditioning, a cool drink, and the Dr. Phil Show.

9:45 pm Whose children are outside playing? Isn't it a school night? Even if you homeschool, isn't 10:00 pm a little late to let your children play outside, in the dark?

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