January 14, 2006

Overheard Conversations at the Teacher Inservice

(Names have been protected to save the guilty from detention in the principal's office. )

In whispered tone:

Gertrude: "Why does she only wear black?"
Viola: "Yea, a little color would be nice."
Betty: "And did you notice they have matching hairdos?"
Gertrude: "Yea, everyone in that office does."
Viola: "That's so weird!"
Betty: "Yea, and they all wear those dark suits."
Gloria: "Hmmm. It's like a cult or something."
Viola: "Do you think it's like their dress code or something?"
Betty: "Oh! I'm getting my hair cut this weekend."
Viola: "Why?"
Betty: "I can't stand it anymore. I'm cutting it all off."
Gertrude: "No! It's so nice long! I wish mine were that long."
Betty: "I'm tired of it."
Viola: "Ah."
Betty: "I saw this girl with really cute hair at the store. I wanted to stop and ask her if I could take a picture."
Gloria: "You should have!"
Betty: "It was shoulder length and the ends were kind, you know..."
Viola: "Ragedy."
Betty: "NO!"
Viola: "Jagged."
Betty: "Kind of."
Viola: "What's the term? I know, uhm...razor cut!"
Betty: "That's it!"
Gloria: "You might want to have a better description before you go in.
Betty: "Oh, my hair dresser is great!
Viola: "My hair is razor cut, but it doesn't have the right texture to look jagged.
Gloria: "Where do you go?
Viola: "Oh! What are we suppose to do? Shh!"

A little bit later...practicing a "new" reading strategy:
Viola: "Did you hear what he said? He said he predicted something was going to happen in the story! Sounds like our students! Excellent prediction! I HOPE something is going to happen for goodness sakes."
Gertrude: "I've already read the passage four times."
Viola: "Are you kidding? Don't be such an overachiever."
Gertrude: "I'm bored."
Viola: "Yea, no kidding."
Gertrude: "It's pretty good, but let's hurry. Is it lunch yet?
Betty: "What is she talking about Q1?"
Shrugs all around.
Gertrude: "Oh, I do that!"
Viola: "Yea, it's called Bloom's Taxonomy. They've just given it some other label."
Betty: "More jargon."
Viola: "Do they really think we don't know about Bloom's? Hheeeeellllo! Freshmen in the teacher program know this."
Betty: "Yea, no kidding!"
Betty: "The questions stems are pretty good though, I need a copy of this."
Gertrude: "I have these somewhere."
Viola: "Yea. Me, too. In a little flip book. Exact same format. Same order. Nobody made these up."
Gertrude: "Same old stuff. New name."
Gloria: "How lame.
Viola: "And the pendulum swings."
Betty: "Is it lunch yet?"

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