November 11, 2010

Television Catch-Up

It seems like I'm always trying to catch up something. At home, it's usually cleaning or bill-paying. At work, it's usually grading or lesson planning. Wait! Haven't I blogged about being behind in life before? Ah, I have. Unfortunately, the honesty of that post a year ago reveals a much more realistic and tragic reality of just behind I always am.

A year ago? Hmm...I wonder if there is some sort of pattern where in November I get backlogged. Might merit some investigation.

This morning I drove the kids to Baker, California, the drop off point, so the grandparents could take them for the weekend. My sweetie was working all day, and I had nothing pressing to do--that I wanted to think about anyway.

So, I spent my day catching up on my favorite televisions shows that I've recorded. Pretty important stuff to catch up, right?

I don't think I've ever really talked about the television I watch. I'd like to be more intellectual than I actually am and not watch as much television as I do, but I am who I am. There are times I've been a major "reality show" junkie, but lately I've only been interested in cooking shows, like Top Chef, Chopped, Hell's Kitchen, etc., and if I don't see every episode, it doesn't really matter.

The power of the record button on the satellite remote became a part of my life only about 6 months ago. Because I work at night, I usually miss the television shows I'd like to watch, and the strange thing is that now that I record, it seems like I actually watch less television because I just watch the shows I want and spend less time mindlessly surfing for something worthwhile after prime time.

I'm not very behind on the shows I enjoy, but I had quite a stack today because some of my favorites come on earlier in the week.

Here is the line up of my afternoon marathon:

  1. Glee--I usually watch this with my daughter, and we did start it yesterday, but I was multitasking and didn't catch everything. Sometimes I don't like some of the episodes because the story lines are mighty weak, but "Never Been Kissed" storyline was pretty powerful on different levels.
  2. The Millionaire Matchmaker--I love Patti, but this season in New York is making me wonder about her "high success rate." I haven't seen any happy endings this season. This show makes me thankful that I found my wonderful husband. (No, he's not a millionaire, though.)
  3. The Sons of Anarchy--I cannot explain why I love this show so much. It's a pretty complex story that just keeps me hooked. Plus, it's pretty bad-ass. It comes on the same night as Glee, and I used to try to watch both after work, but it's just too messed up! There's something about the volume of the show or the channel, so I sometimes feel like I'm missing part of what is being said--and now that they are in Ireland, it's worse! Today I watched it with the closed-captioning on. It helped a lot.
  4. Criminal Minds--I just started watching this show in the last year. What can I say? I love crime dramas, and this one is particularly sick, twisted, and brilliant. I wish A&E would stop repeating the episodes over and over and show me some I haven't seen. I just can't get enough. Just when I think I have a favorite character, I learn more about a different character. Love them all!
  5. Desperate Housewives--Has this show been on forever or what? I thought around the the 4th or 5th season, it was dying, and my interest waned, but we're in the 7th season, and I'm hanging in there. I am not particularly fond Vanessa L. Williams as part of the cast. She's too fresh from being mean to Betty.
  6. Melissa and Joey--I don't think this show will be around long, but I've always enjoyed Melissa Joan Hart. It's a cute show with a storyline about an alternative family situation. It does amuse me to see actors who used to be teen stars cast in family shows as parents now.
  7. No Ordinary Family--I'm crossing my fingers that this show stays on for a while because there aren't very many family shows like this on the regular network channels. Who doesn't love super heroes? As we all know, the best ones are flawed, and then you mixed in a regular messed up family whose struggling to keep their lives balanced, and it's just a great show!
In the queue I also have The Walking Dead, which I haven't started watching yet and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which is a show that has been around too long so sometimes it's good and other times it's not.

I doubt I have room for other shows (The Closer and Southland will come back in a few months to fill in my schedule even more), but what is everyone out there watching?


your bro said...

We have our "stories" here. I'm a big Glee fan--although because of the strict NO BON JOVI rule in my house, I almost turned it off this week. Since we reconnected television we try to avoid the reality crap that satelite television has to offer. It doesn't entertain as much as it disgusts me the lengths people go to make a buck. I do enjoy The Amazing Race, however. Some of my new favorites have been on Fox. I like to watch Raising Hope. I think more than anything I enjoy seeing Martha Plimpton play something other than a Goonie! Running Wilde probably wont get picked up for another season, but it's Fox, so hard to say. We also love Modern Family. Ty Burrell used to act at the Utah Shakespearean Festival when my wife worked there and I think she gets a kick out of that. Top Gear is GREAT on BBC but I am skeptical of the "americanized" version.

HappyChyck said...

Bro--I don't think I've followed a comedy sitcom since Friends and Seinfeld, and there have been too many years where there weren't any to watch anyway. I might check those out!

We watch The Amazing Race, but I'm rarely connected to the people on it. I just like to see where they go.

Maestro said...

Maestro Jr. pretty much prevents me from watching any regular TV. I used to watch Heroes and Chuck pretty regularly, but that has gone by the wayside. I like some of the cable shows like Dexter and The Tudors, but we don't have the paid channels so I can only watch them on DVD - plus the content makes it tricky to watch with Maestro Jr. running around. and My wife got me hooked on some of the food network shows: Hell's Kitchen, Iron Chef and Man vs. Food.

Being a comic book nerd - I'd like to check out the new show "No Ordinary Family" if I ever get a chance. I'd watch Smallville, but I was never crazy about that show's take on the SUperman mythos.

HappyChyck said...

Maestro--I get ya on little ones running around. I always have to watch after the kids are in bed or gone off visiting their grandparents. Plus, I'm a mean mom who has been a firm believer in 8:00 p.m. bedtime. My kidlets don't have much of an opportunity to watch those shows at their regular times. You should be able to see No Ordinary Family online pretty easily. ABC has at least the most recent episodes on their website.