November 13, 2010

iPad Ponderings

I borrowed an iPad from the writing project a few months back with the goal of figuring out how to use know...with writing instruction. I've done some searching around, and to just have ONE iPad in a classroom, just like only one computer would be frustrating. I like the portability of it, and I suppose the novelty of it would fascinate many students. But I don't know... I'm not even sure I want to buy my own. I'm completely torn.

So, some things I've been thinking about. Perhaps somebody has new insight to add?

iPads Would Rock in the Classroom
  • Small and easily stored
  • Touch-pad is intuitive and user-friendly
  • They are touted as being a good e-book readers
  • Great for web-based learning tools
iPads Would Kind of Suck in the Classroom
  • No usb port to import/store information, so it might be an issue with multiple users
  • Easily stolen
  • It comes with virtually nothing and apps cost extra money. How would that work with a classroom set?
  • Typing anything of length on it is a pain unless you have a keyboard, which costs more.
  • If a school does not have wireless Internet (and I visited one in my district last week), it would not be half as fun.
As much fun as I've had on the iPad, I've run across some frustrations. I'll save that for a post tomorrow. For now...iPad users and technology peeps, what do you think? What role does iPad have in the classroom?


Maestro said...

You know, the iPad falls under the category of things I want to buy, but can't justify the need for. It's seductively sleek - and my friends who have them love them.

I can't think of an immediate use in my classroom (certainly not for a class set.) I'll follow your continuing review of them with interest.

HappyChyck said...

M--Check out the next post. I can't justify it either. Some cool aspects, but mostly not...

Lindsay said...

My principal ordered me three for my classroom! They haven't arrived yet, but I'll report back on their implementation once they're, you know, implemented.