November 28, 2010

My Pen Bled Out

I Hate This Gig 11/23/10

It all came crashing together during the one full week of instruction we had in November. Three assessments for the novel we recently finished and the independent book project whose due date was pushed back two weeks because of all the days off we'd had.

The grading would not have gotten out of hand if I would have been in my classroom doing those assessment days because, of course, when the students are working independently at their desks, that is also work time for me. I would have had been able to keep a handle on it. Oh sure, it's likely that I would have taken some home, but it would not have been the 26 hours I spent this weekend grading.

Excessive isn't it? Honesty, I would have blown off about half of it and graded it next week, but my midterm grades must be posted tomorrow.

I did not think it was teacherly possible to conquer such a pile in one weekend.

Once again, I have performed an educational miracle. (Oh, I don't even want to think about the accuracy of my magic in the last few hours!)

I need a do-over on my Thanksgiving weekend.

That miracle isn't happenin', is it?

So starts my countdown to Christmas--and a promise to myself for a 100% work-free holiday.

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

Been there done that... every so often I get behind in grading and then have to stay up late 2 nights for every day I am behind.