November 9, 2010

Smells Like an Idea

The students in my creative writing class are writing some letters to send to Marines overseas. They were excited and up to the challenge, but it is difficult writing letters to people--soldiers--they don't know.

I was helping one of my students, Sam, come up with things he could write about when another girl walked up to the table and started sniffing the girl sitting next to Sam. Seriously! These kids are weird sometimes. Their behavior started really getting irritating when they started sniffing Sam while I was still talking to him.

"Girls! Could you please stop sniffing each other?"

"But, miss!" Andrea said, "She smells really good. I think. Someone does. Wait! Or is it you?" And then she sniffed me.

I had applied fresh perfume before going to work, so it made sense that it was me.

"Oh! It is you! What kind of perfume is that?"

"Er..." I had been on a long quest (like years) for perfume that I liked, and I finally found one this spring that I like, but it's embarrassing to admit, "It's called Circus Britney Spears."

That's right, folks, my favorite perfume is by Britney Spears. Actually, I think it's an Elizabeth Arden product, but that's not the name on the package. It's stupid Britney Spears.

We joked about how nice the perfume was and how it didn't smell as skanky as one might expect, and then Sam had a great idea for his letter: "I'm going to write, 'My teacher smells like Britney Spears!'"

Glad I could provide some inspiration.


your bro said...

I think I am bothered that it's called Circus Fantasy more than it's Britney Spears! I've never smelled a circus I've liked.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Depends on the circus I guess!

Glad you were able to inspire your students to write.

Polski3 said...

Nice lesson on using ones senses....

We have a staff restroom that often reeks....but lately, someone has been spraying some perfume in there....its a nice smell that smells vaugely familiar for some reason.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Maybe you could include a little spritz of Circus Fantasy on the envelope that goes to the soldier. Now THAT would be a welcome scent overseas, don't you think?

HappyChyck said...

Brilliant, MMT!