February 10, 2007

What Would Be Considered "Cool Office Supplies"?

If you're here for cool office supplies, skip to the bottom of this post, or spend a few minutes relaxing before you read the Happychyck's List of Cool Office Supplies. Regular readers, carry on with your normal skimming.

Every couple of days I amuse myself by looking at my sitemeter to see what google searches have brought people to my blog. Well, they don't really come in and stay too long. One look at my boring blog skin with no big pictures and visitors return to Googleland.

Recently, I found a strange one that I can't make sense of: writing exam what colors to wear. I hope that wasn't one of not one of my students trying to decide what to wear for the big exam. How sad! Well, Happychyck says that you might want to try wearing your lucky color depending on your astrological sign and the day of the week. Personally, I'd wear a color that makes me look pretty and check my biorhythms instead.

Hands down, the most popular search term that brings people to my blog is "cool office supplies." Seriously. It relates to one of my first posts about my addiction to office supplies. Yep, it's about as profound as the rest of my posts. So, as a service to my potential readers, here is my list of cool office supplies. Be sure to read my comments, dear supply shoppers. My broad audience will probably have some good ideas, too.


Check out most powerful STAPLER in the world! It has some kind of power tool technology behind it. It might be plastic, but it lasts a long time because it rarely jams and you won't have to beat on it to make it staple. You only have use your finger. You can purchase this stapler at one of those big "Office" supply stores. I don't remember which name.

My students sold these SMELLY PENCILS for a fundraiser recently. They are made out of recycled newspaper, and believe it or not, they sharpen really well, don't get dull very quickly, and don't break. You can't buy them in any store, but I like them so much I'd probably buy a set just to have around. I have enough pencils to last me another 3 years, so I can't justify doing that, but maybe you can.

My favorite pencil that I can buy in stores is the BIG FAT PENCIL that I used to use as a child. It's comfortable. It doesn't break. The eraser stays on. Because it looks like a kindergartner's pencil, it doesn't get stolen from my desk. The downside is that it won't fit behind my ear very well.

When it comes to pens, what I think is cool may not be what everyone else thinks is cool, and depending on my mood and use, I like BALLPOINT, FELT TIP, THIN TIP, and THICK TIP and many colors to boot! Mostly I like cheap pens, or rather, pens that are less expensive and won't make me cry if I lose them. My favorite color to write with is purple, but I get super irritated if I can't find a damn black pen when I need one. Basically, I need options in my life.

I don't know if you consider a USB DRIVE an office supply, but I know I would be lost without my little Thumblelina. If you'd like to add some coolness factor why not try the MINI SNOWBOARD or CREDIT CARD. My sweetie has a credit card one that is a little thicker than that one, but he still loves it!

Do you need a stylish TAPE DISPENSER? I have a Mickey Mouse one on my desk that was a gift, but if I ever trade it in, I might go for ELVIS or a SNAIL.

Since I spend a lot of time at work, I like to make it enjoyable. Why not try some whimsy? Doesn't everyone need a NOSE PENCIL SHARPENER? It will make you laugh everytime you stick that pencil in a nostril. It does for me anyway! Why not use an EAR CLIP to keep important papers together? And if you're feeling stressed out, squeezing an EYEBALL STRESSBALL is quite satisfying! It's not too morbid, is it?

Finally, having some toys on your desk might be a good idea. It can be relaxing or distracting. I don't keep toys on my desk because I don't have enough room, but my one of my former supervisors used to have some, and I found them to be quite entertaining when I was waiting for her. Might I suggest a mesmorizing SAND PICTURE or MAGNETIC SEA ART?

Hopefully my cool office supply advice has been and get back to work soon!

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