February 1, 2007

The Unsent Reply

Dear Frustrated Parent,

Thank for you the note explaining why your darling daughter was not in my first period class today. Unfortunately, I cannot excuse her from her absence, as I do not have the authority to do so. I will forward your note of explanation to the Attendace Office.

I'm glad to hear that you took some quality time this morning to talk to your daughter about her complete lack of academic achievement while she should have been in my class taking the practice exam for the state-mandated writing test she will take next week. I understand the difficulty being a single mom who works nights, and I can imagine you were quite upset that you did not have a chance to talk to her about our meeting yesterday.

Since she has already failed one semester of my class and is off to a failing-start this semester, I can see your urgency in talking to her about this terrible situation. I hope the two of you have established some sort of solution to her academic problems.

Starting tomorrow, I look forward to seeing this amazing change for which you are hoping. She did not stop in and ask for the assignment that she missed while she was having her little mommy and me breakfast. However, I do have every faith that she IMed a friend for the assignment and that she will hand it in tomorrow morning. Her addiction to her computer does have its advantages!

Thank your for your vigilant attention to your daughter's education. I, too, am sure that your wonderful daughter is indeed on her way to success at the magnet high school of her choice.

Mrs. Happychyck

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