February 14, 2007

Death by Pink Fur and Chocolate Hearts

It was hell today fighting for attention against fluffy stuffed bears gripping fake roses. So, in the spirit of the holiday, which believe it or not, my sweet husband and I don't even celebrate, here's a recap of my true feelings for Valentine's Day:

I used to think this holiday was to sucker consumers into thinking they have to prove their love to their sweethearts with cutesy boxes of chocolates and teddy bears sold at an exorbitant price. After teaching middle schoolers, I realize it's really the perfect holiday for them. It's mostly girls giving their friends these sickingly sweet gifts, and it truly makes sense since I don't know what adult woman who really cares about all those cutesy things. (Ah, flashy jewelry is another thing entirely.) Now, it might not seem like such a big deal, but when my classroom suddenly looks like the Hallmark store exploded, and everyone is hopped up on chocolates and conversation hearts, I realize we might as well make it a day off for all we accomplish with dreams of adolescent love suffocating us.

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