February 25, 2007

Did You Hear About Poor, Sweet Mac?

My laptop died last weekend. I took it rather well considering that I can't even begin to tell you the things I didn't have backed up to my flash drive. Three years. We've been tight. I just feel so empty and lost.

It's actually a school-issued laptop, so I took it in to my techie person. She could not make any promises to me about what could be saved, nor could she give me another one. Would you believe I did not even cry?

I was strong.

I am in no way without means to connect. My sweetie's a computer nerd. We're okay. But I miss my sleek little silver Mac. I hope he comes back to me soon. If he doesn't, it's okay. Just introduce me to a brother or cousin. I'm easy that way.

Life just isn't the same without portable connectivity.

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