August 8, 2005

'Tis the Season for Cool Office Supplies

This weekend my sweetie and I were in one of those Office______ stores. I can never remember if it's Max or Depot. Whatever. Tons of office supplies. I know it's a dangerous place, but I really needed a press board folder, and that's the only place I was going to find it. Things were going pretty well. I resisted all the special "Back to School" displays. We were on our way to the check-out when my sweetie points out folders for a nickel! Seriously! I paid a dime each (for about 50 of them) at Target last weekend. You know I couldn't pass up some cheap-ass folders! I might need them in my classroom. And then it all begins...


It's bad enough that I have a major obsession with office supplies, but being married to somebody who is also obsessed is just rotten luck. That type of insanity needs a gauge! Of course it makes sense to stock up because as soon as the Back-to-School selling season is over, loose leaf notebook paper goes from TWO BITS to TWO BUCKS. Let me grab my cool new purple $1 calculator...that's about a 800% mark-up. Is that right? I dunno. Anyway, any fool who can do basic math--or not--should realize this is the time to STOCK UP!

So that means, folders, paper, notebooks, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, Bic Pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, Post-Its, oh and highlighters! And that's just for me! Oh! And I gotta get some more of those cool highlighters! The ones like my husband bought a few weeks ago. No we can't share! Look how lovely they are:

Aren't they beeeeeaaaaauuuuutiful?

Teeny tiny!

And they write so nice and bright.

Oh, it's a office supply lover's dream come true!

Is there a 12-step program for this?

Office Supply Buyers Anonymous?


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