June 2, 2006

C & K's Excellent Quest for a Hot Dog

It did not seem like Friday at all. I asked several colleagues if they also thought so while we were chaperoning the 8th grade dance. We all agreed that it did not. Newbie teacher might be on to something: "Yea, it can't be Friday. I have too many frickin' things to do."

Yea. That's about it. And I am bone tired.

So, after the dance ended (afternoon dances in our neighborhood) and I made it home, it was already 7:30 pm. It's not terribly late, I know, but tomorrow isn't going to be a leisurely day, so it's early to bed tonight. Anyway, we'd already decided to eat out because it was one of those days, and I kind of needed a date night. So, we're driving down the road, and we are trying to decide where to go.

Me: "So, what do you feel like? Something quick? Are you really hungry?"
Him: "It's up to you."

I could go on going back and forth, as it's our little going-out-to-dinner banter that goes round and round until one of us gets a revelation.

I saw a 7-Eleven. An idea struck.

Me: "You know what sounds good? A hot dog. And nachos!"
Him, laughing: "That DOES sound pretty good."

Since I have vegetarian tendencies, eating a real hot dog is the last thing I ever want to do. If I do want one, there is no way in hell it's anything but a veggie or tofu dog. But tonight, we were seriously in the mood to throw caution to the wind. I was anyway. My husband would not have vegetarian tendencies if I weren't the one feeding him.

Awesome! We're eating junk food on our date night, but where? We drove around for 45 minutes looking for a hot dog stand. We never found one. We found a Sonic restaurant but opted to not stop there because we didn't want to eat it in the car. (It was still over 100 degrees outside so eating at a table outside wasn't a pleasant thought, either.)

I suggested we just go back and visit our neighborhood convenience store, which makes the hot dog meal an even scarier thought.

Finally we went to a station casino (way off the strip) because we knew there was a food court that would likely have hot dogs. But it didn't.

We considered sneaking into the movie theater just so we could buy a hot dog, but that didn't seem easy to do. Could we really convince the usher that we only wanted hot dogs? Yea, if we were 20 years younger.

I remembered that there was a new bowling alley in the casino, so we wandered over there to find the snack bar.

Score! We found hot dogs. And nachos!

Unfortunately, they were disappointing. Lukewarm with a dry bun.

But still, it was kind of fun hanging with my sweetie on a totally lame quest for a hot dog, as if we were college students with no real purpose in life.

We're dorks. What can I say?

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