June 6, 2006

Why You Make Me Hate?

I'd rather spend my last few days of school reflecting on how well things went this year, but mostly I'm spending my time just surviving. I'm just so grumpy about everything.

So, it's the 18-point checklist I have to complete before I can leave Friday. It's more like a scavenger hunt. I have to run this paper all around campus to get signatures. (I also have to turn in things and paper work to get signatures.) Along that same line, it's the packing up of my room as if I am leaving--but I am not. I wonder if the office staff has to pack up their offices?

It's the stupid kid tricks like the kid who finally turns in two weeks worth of work--and he puts it in the OUTBOX. He's lucky I found it as I was getting ready to throw out unclaimed papers. It's the anonymous student who doesn't put his/her name of the final exam that is worth 10% of the semester grade. What the hell?!

It's even the littlest of things like the scantron machine that kept insisting on eating students' tests. Uhm, should I just roll some dice to come up with a grade? My 10-sided dice tend to roll high, so it might be in their favor! OY!

Today, most of all, it's the damn heat in my old school down in the 'hood. And heat in general. There's an excessive heat warning in my county because it's already 105 F, and it's only June. And wouldn't you know it? The air conditioner takes a dive in our school except for in a science classroom and the offices. (Of course.) I was so hot at times today that I wanted to cry and had to talk myself out of it. What a baby would I be? Not to mention I, unlike my melty students, didn't have to take final exams today.

I'll reflect next week in my nice air-conditioned home with an icy blender drink. But I might be pretty busy reading some brain candy...

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