June 13, 2006

Can't Be Bored--It's Wrong!

Since summer started I have
  • done my normal weekend errands and chores, plus some gift shopping for family members
  • watched a brainless blockbuster for full price at the theater (that was not cheap date)
  • read a brain candy book and its sequel
  • taken a quick trip to California for family business where I thought I was going to die on I-15 at least 4 times
  • kept closer tabs on my blog feeds than any normal person should
  • Weighed myself and then dusted off my work-out DVD's
  • sorted socks, and then threw out a bag of mateless and worn-out socks
  • attended a end-of-year celebration where I drank a bottomless tumbler of margarita and learned things I didn't know about my co-workers--like the counselor works weekends at a local bar and makes a good margarita. And more interesting stuff, too. Hopefully the only thing they learned about me is that I can't drink a bottomless tumbler of margarita without slurring my words.

And then...on day four of my break, I was bored out of my mind.

Luckily on day five I have to attend a short training at my school and then will spend several hours afterward planning an interdisciplinary project with half my team for next year. Not that my brain is really in tune for this, and in fact my biorhythms are all headed south. The magic 8 ball isn't workin' with me either. What exactly does that mean? I am bored but still brain dead.

But I welcome a diversion from staring at the walls all day. Thanks to my minimalist decorating style (intentional) and the fact I rent my home-sweet-home, the walls are stark white and mostly unadorned. Well, except for that cobweb above the patio door that sways when the air conditioner kicks on. Yea, it's gross, but I gotta save something to do later this summer.

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