June 20, 2010

I Cannot Bear Facebook Today

And these are people I know from different parts of my life... One is my colleague, one is a high school classmate, and the last one is a former student. Two of the three have at least one college degree. Sigh. Three in a row on my feed! Is this a conspiracy?

I know I shouldn't judge because I make plenty of errors when I post my status--especially when I post them from my phone. My excuse is that I am a terrible texter. Seriously, I'm a bumbling idiot. I often delete posts when I see that I've made some stupid error, which usually includes misspelled words or omitted letters and words. It's embarrassing to me!

When it comes to the people I know and their little errors, I am not usually a snob. It makes some friends and family uncomfortable enough just thinking that I judge them, which I don't. I really don't care how they talk or write to me. I love them, and we are not part of the elite. We are just folks. (Children are a different matter, though.)

However, there is that other part of me. The English teacher part. I can only be bombarded with so much non-standard English usage before I start to feel like I am being assaulted. Yes, assaulted. It's one of those straw-that-broke-the-camel's back kind of thing. I'm irritated to the max, and if I didn't enjoy being able to catch up with friends and family around the world through Facebook, I'd quit the site entirely. So, I'll be taking a break. Right now Facebook ranks right up there with this brain-numbing site.

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Mister Teacher said...

whaz the deelio wit all the mistake's?