November 9, 2008

Always with the Unexpected Outcomes in Education

During my yearbook class on Friday, during which time is my friend Jamie's lunch, we stood in the back of my classroom crying and gnashing our teeth about the goofy shirts we had to wear.

"It's awful! I'm so fat. It doesn't fit. I look stupid!"

"I know! If I button my all the way, I can't breath."

"Are you going to the picture?"

"I don't know. Will anyone notice?"


"Who picked these shirts, anyway?"

"Probably our beloved supervisor. She is so out to get us this year!"

"They look like bowling shirts!"

"Yes they do!"

"Hey--we should go bowling."

"Yeah, we should!"

"What are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothing. We should totally go bowling."

So we went bowling last night.

And it was fun.

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