February 4, 2008

Breaking the Tension

"Don't forget that this is all the space you'll have to write your final essay," I walked slowly around the room showing the answers sheet that students will have to write their essays on tomorrow. Many students are concerned that they will run out of room on the paper before they get all of their thoughts down.

Victor raised his hand, "Uhm. Can we, uh, use a different font?"

I grinned and several students turned to look at poor, confused Victor. It's a hand-written exam. What's he talking about? He stumbled, "I mean, uh, the size."

"Yes, Victor, you can use a smaller font, but I'd say no smaller than 10 point. People need to read it!"

Jason joined in the joke: "Should we use Times New Roman?"


"What about Helvetica."



"No, Helvetica is a san serif font. Use it for titles, not for large sections of text."

Sarah also piped in, "Well, what about Comic Sans?"

"I suppose if you must," I said bringing our silliness to a close. "Any other questions before we begin?"

My computer-dependent students chuckled at our joking before picking up their pencils and beginning their writing assessments.

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