October 11, 2007

Be Nimble

We don't use lockers at our school. I think it has to do with overcrowding issues. We check out textbooks for students to take home and leave there for the year so they don't have to pack a bunch of books around.

However, most students still have plenty of binders and notebooks that they need to carry to each class in giant Jansport backpacks. As you can imagine, it is sometimes hard to walk down the aisles in my classroom with all the backpacks. But wait! Don't forgot the laptop cases, the gym bags, and the occasional musical instrument. My students have some serious baggage.

Although, I'm constantly leaping and tripping over student stuff, I've never actually fallen down. (Knock on wood.) It used to irritate me that I can't even comfortably walk around my own classroom, but then I decided that constantly running obstacle courses (it changes each period and each day) keeps me young and spry. At least once a day I do trip and appear to nearly fall. Some students inevitably get a chuckle, but I blow it off: "As if that doesn't happen a dozen times a day!"

Today I walked into a colleague's room while the students were watching a video. It was dark, and my eyes hadn't adjusted by the time I started my way to the back of the room. I ended up doing (in my mind) a typical tiny trip where I caught myself by going into a double flip, a leap and then another trip until I came out at the end of the row. Very graceful.

Okay, for those whose eyes were adjusted to the dark, what it really looked like was Ms. HappyChyck nearly tripping over over three backpacks and a cello case before stumbling into the teacher's desk at the back of the room.

In any case, there was applause. And laughing... But applause, too!

I'm that good.

(Knock on wood, again.)

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