August 20, 2007

A Classroom Equipped for Anything

I picked up my keys today. I had a former student helping me, so she worked on setting up my room while I worked on cleaning out a couple of file cabinets that have been crammed with stuff—quite a bit from the teacher before me. Oh! I feel so light and free after filling a large trash bag.

Following is a list of some random things I found. Some things belonged to me. Some did not.
  • a check made out to the school for $17 written in March of 2003
  • cold medicine tablets that expired in December of 2005
  • a red Matchbox Mustang
  • 2 bottles of headache medicine
  • a metallic green charger plate
  • 1 package of strawberry fruit leather
  • 2 packages of instant Miso soup
  • $1.37 in change
  • a package of sewing needles
  • a package of safety pins
  • blue and pink crocheted slippers
  • a Twin Towers souvenir keychain
  • 5 bottles of hand sanitizers
  • a red metal chalk holder
  • a 6-inch cleaver
  • a brand new box of Bicycle playing cards
  • 2 foam dice—1 blue and the other hot pink
It would probably be best if I claimed what was mine and explained a few things, but it’s much more entertaining if I don’t.

P.S. No air conditioning in my room today. It was 108° outside, so I doubt I'm exaggerating much if I said it was 100° in my classroom--it's been closed up with no air for 6 weeks. I probably would have gone home if I hadn't had free labor a poor kid trying to get ahead on her required community service hours.

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